No One Makes You Shop at Wal-Mart
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No One Makes You Shop at Wal-Mart

The Surprising Deceptions of Individual Choice

Tom Slee

Table of Contents

Links are to categories on the book's weblog. Each category holds entries relevant to the chapter.

Chapter 1.  A World Of Choices

1.1.        A Short Modern History Of Choice
1.2.        MarketThink
1.3.        Wanted: A Better Way To Think About Choices
1.4.        Jack Shops At Wal-Mart
1.5.        Book Outline

Chapter 2.  Good Choices And Bad Outcomes

2.1.        Jack And Jill's Ugly Divorce
2.2.        Prisoner's Dilemma
2.3.        Choosing The Right Words
2.4.        Choosing The Right Starting Point
2.5.        Further Reading

Chapter 3.  Private Choices And Public Failures

3.1.        Jill Drops A Coffee Cup
3.2.        Choosing Our Environment
3.3.        Choosing Our Cities
3.4.        Further Reading

Chapter 4.  Arms Races And Red Queens

4.1.        Jack Keeps Up With The Joneses
4.2.        A Selection Of Arms Races
4.3.        Choosing To Be Cool
4.4.        From Commodity to Status Symbol

Chapter 5.  Co-Operation And Its Limits

5.1.        Enduring Love
5.2.        Choosing To Reciprocate
5.3.        Choosing Not To Compete
5.4.        Choosing In Groups And Crowds
5.5.        Choosing Temptation
5.6.        Further Reading

Chapter 6.  Divide And Conquer

6.1.        Choosing Not To Vote
6.2.        Companies And Individual Choice
6.3.        The Market As A Public Good

Chapter 7.  That Obscure Object Of Desire

7.1.        Buying Sneakers At Whimsley Mall
7.2.        Identifying The Real Choice
7.3.        Too Many Equilibria

Chapter 8.  Join Or Get Run Over

8.1.        Fictional Herds
8.2.        A Selection Of Herd Choices
8.3.        Choosing Our Schools
8.4.        Choosing Our Technologies
8.5.        Fooled By Randomness
8.6.        Further Reading

Chapter 9.  The Devil You Know

9.1.        Jack Goes To The Movies
9.2.        Choosing Our Fashions
9.3.        Choosing Our Culture
9.4.        Jill Buys A Lemon
9.5.        A Basket Of Lemons
9.6.        Choosing Where To Eat
9.7.        Further Reading

Chapter 10.  Free To Choose, But Exploited

10.1.        Power, Relationships, and Context
10.2.        Choosing Stability
10.3.        Choosing To Be Exploited

Chapter 11.  Beyond Whimsley

11.1.        The Ultimatum Game
11.2.        Jill Hits The Ceiling
11.3.        Choosing To Reject
11.4.        A Backward Glance