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For decades the nuclear industry has been skirting the question of what to do with the nuclear wastes they generate through the use of nuclear power by talk of "geological disposal". Their idea is to bury the highly radioactive wastes - hazardous for time periods longer than known history - deep below the surface of the earth. The problems are many. First, the risks of transferring and transporting the wastes, potentially long distances. Second, the "technology" of deep burial is unproven. Third, the radioactive hazards can be expected to outlast any containers.

In Canada, there are three different nuclear waste burial schemes that the industry has publicly acknowledged (and there may be more). Ontario Power Generation is proposing to bury low and intermediate level radioactive wastes beneath the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station in Kincardine, on the shore of Lake Huron. The Nuclear Waste Management Organization in searching for a site to bury all of Canada's highly radioactive fuel waste and is now investigating 21 communities. And Atomic Energy of Canada Limited is proposing to bury decades-worth of research and operating waste beneath the Chalk River National Laboratory beside the Ottawa River.

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The Hearing Panel appointed to review Ontario Power Generation's proposal to bury radioactive wastes beneath the Bruce Nuclear Generating Station announced June 18th that public hearings will begin September 16th.
Participants must register by July 5th!
(Yes, that is only 17 days notice)


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