Herbicide Use in Forest Management
2006 Fall Program

On June 16, Northwatch's Forest Project hosted a very successful Symposium on Herbicide Use in Forest Management with 13 presenters and over 100 participants. Feedback has been very positive, although there has also been a sense of both "too much" and "not enough" with many participants indicating in their workshop feedback that they would like to hear more about the environmental effects of herbicide application, and more about current research.

Based on that feedback, we developed a followup program to continue the discussion about the use of herbicides in forest management. In addition to the Citizens Guide and a local workshop which will both become available in 2007, the Forest Project  hosted three presentations the fall of 2006, each using a different presentation "technology".

Monday, November 20, 7 pm

Dr. Dean Thompson presented on the potential effects of glyphosate based herbicides on amphibians. The presentation will be made on a tele-conference.

Powerpoint Presentation
Glyphosate Ecotox &  Risk Assessment

Powerpoint          PDF        PDF(small )

Background Paper: 

"The Impact of Insecticides and Herbicides on the Biodiversity and Productivity of Aquatic Communities" by Dr. Dean Thompson et al, Published as a Letter to the Editor, Ecological Applications, 16(5), 2006, pp. 2022–2027 by the Ecological Society of America (pdf)


Monday, November 27, 2 pm

Dr. Azim Malik  presented on the experimental findings on glyphosate effects on blueberry yield. The presentation will be a video-conference, using Contact Nord locations in Wawa, North Bay, Timmins and Thunder Bay

Effects of conifer release treatments on the growth and fruit production of blueberries in northwestern Ontario. National Research Council March 1998 (pdf).

Morphological plasticity and regeneration strategies of velvet leaf blueberry following canopy disturbance in boreal mixedwood forests. Forest Ecology and Management. April 1998 (pdf).

Pheology of blueberries in a black spruce plantation in northwestern Ontario: possible implications for the timing of forest herbicide treatments. National Research Council. September 1998 (pdf).

Monday, December 4, 7 pm 

Jeff Leach, Silviculture Specialist with Tembec,  presented on herbicide application techniques and new methods for minimizing herbicide volume. The presentation will be a web-conference, with an on-line presentation and audio hook-up by telephone. 

“Application Techniques Using GPS To Minimize Herbicide Volumes”  (ppt)

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