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2006 Timiskaming Stage Five
Final Plan Inspection 

The public is given the opportunity to inspect the plan that has been approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources; the review period is 30 days, and the plan is available for review in the offices of the Ministry of Natural Resources. The public may request an individual environmental assessment during the inspection period.

The MNR approved plan was available for inspection between January 18 and February 17 Kirkland Lake
Mark Austin RPF
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Paul Fantin
Timiskaming Forest Industry Alliance
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The 2006-2026 forest management plan for the Timiskaming Forest will include the Shining Tree Forest Management Unit. Almalgamation of the units will be finalized upon completion of the forest management plan.

Last updated March 2006

Kirkland Lake Local Citizens' Committee

Kirkland Lake District District of the Ministry of Natural Resources

Timiskaming Forest Industry Alliance Inc. (Local Sustainable Forest License Holder)

Description of the Timiskaming Forest

Kirkland Lake Land Use Planning

Planning Documents - 2001 Forest Management Plan

Timiskaming Forest
Forest Description

The Timiskaming Forest is located primarily in the MNR Kirkland Lake District. Part of two townships are in the Timmins District. Wood from the unit has historically gone to five different wood processing locations in the district, as well as facilities located in neighbouring districts. Harvest volumes on the unit in previous plans were committed to Domtar, Grant Forest Products, Liskeard Lumber, Tembec, Cheminis Lumber and Norbord, as well as a number of independent operators.

For forest management purposes, this area is currently administered under a sustainable forest licence which has been issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) to the Timiskaming Forest Alliance Inc. (TFAI). The Timiskaming Forest is comprised of the former Elk Lake, Plonski, Watabeag and Timiskaming Forest Crown Management Units.

The unit is located in the transition zone between the Boreal Forest to the north, and the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Forest to the south. The dominant tree species on the forest are jack pine, spruce, balsam fir, white birch and poplar. Lesser amounts of maple, yellow birch, white pine, red pine, cedar, and larch are also found on the unit. Of the unit's 1,093,623 hectares (ha) about 875,712 ha are forested. About 6,446 ha were allocated for harvest and 6,528 ha were identified for regeneration on an annual basis in previous plans.

(excerpted from public notice posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights Electronic registry)

Timiskaming Land Use Planning

Kirkland Lake District Land Use Policies

Kirkland Lake District Land Use Guidelines (~1983)

Kirkland Lake DLUG Map

Forest Management Planning Documents
2001 - 2021 Forest Management Plan

No Planning Documents are available through this web site to date.
Please check with MNR and / or the Sustainable Forest License Holder for planning documents, or to make an appointment to review planning information, including maps, harvesting and road plans, and public comments to date.

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