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Last updated July, 2004

Temagami Local Citizens' Committee

North Bay District of the Ministry of Natural Resources

Auditing Reports
        Independent Forest Audit of the Temagami Forest (2001)(pdf)

Description of the Temagami Forest

Temagami Land Use Planning

Temagami Forest Management Planning Documents - 2004 Forest Management Plan

Temagami Forest

Forest Description

The Temagami Management Unit is located in Northeastern Ontario. Communities within the unit include the Municipality of Temagami, Town of Latchford and the Tri-towns of New Liskeard, Haileybury and Cobalt. About 89 percent of the land base in this area is Crown land. A considerable proportion of this Crown land is within provincial parks, protected areas or lands set aside for the negotiation of an aboriginal land claim settlement. As a result, only about 63 percent of the Crown land included in the forest management unit is actually available for forest management purposes. Private land located within the boundaries of the forest management unit is not subject to MNRís forest management planning process.

The Temagami Unit lies within a climatic and vegetation zone known as the Boreal-Great Lakes-St.Lawrence Transition Forest. The majority of the unit supports mixed and pure stands of white, red and jack pine, black and white spruce, white birch, poplar, balsam fir and cedar. Maple, red oak and yellow birch are also common in the southern portions of the unit.

A number of companies receive wood from this forest management unit, including Grant Forest Products, Goulard Lumber (1971) Ltd., Elk Lake Planing Mill, Domtar, and Tembec Forest Products Inc. In addition, there are several small, independent operators who have logging operations and sell material to area mills.

Harvest levels within the unit between the period 1990 and 1999 were less than planned, largely due to the lack of a land use plan for the area, poor markets, removal or deferral of allocations to address social or environmental issues, mill closures and shutdowns.

Approval of the Temagami Land Use Plan in 1997 enabled the Ministry of Natural Resources to more successfully undertake forest management planning for the period 1999-2019, resulting in harvests within the unit which have begun to approach planned levels.

This plan is being prepared by the Ministry of Natural Resources, with the advice of the Temagami Local Citizenís Committee, the Forest Industry Advisory Committee, the Temagami First Nation, the Teme-Augama Anishnabai and the Matachewan First Nation.

(excerpted from public notice posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights Electronic registry)

Temagami Land Use Planning Documents

Temagami Land Use Plan (1997)

 Proposed Major amendment to the Temagami Land Use Plan (TLUP)

Temagami Recreation Area Strategy

Lake Temagami Special Management Area

North Bay District Land Use Policies (including Temagami)

Forest Management Planning Documents
2004 - 2024 Forest Management Plan

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