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2007 Romeo Malette
Contingency Plan

A 2 year plan is being developed to permit operations between the expirty of the 2002-2007 plan and approval of a new plan in 2009.

A contingency plan is an interim forest management plan that is required when special circumstances affect the implementation of a forest management plan. The contingency plan will permit operations between the expiry of the current approved forest management plan and the approval for implementation of the renewed (next full term) forest management plan.

IA Review of Proposed Operations is anticipated in February 2006, and review of a draft contingencyplan in July. The contingency plan will rely on the long term strategic directions set in the 2002-2007 plan.  Mac Kilgour, Area Forester
MNR Timmins District
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Tembec Inc.
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Last updated November, 2005

Timmins Local Citizens' Committee

Timmins District of the Ministry of Natural Resources

Mallette Inc. (subsidiary of Tembec) License Holder

Auditing Reports
        Independent Forest Audit of the Romeo Mallette Forest (2002)(pdf)

Description of the Romeo Mallette Forest

Timmins District Land Use Planning

Planning Documents - 2007 Forest Management Plan

Romeo Malette
Forest Description

The Romeo Malette Forest is located in the MNR's Northeast Region, and is wholly within the MNR Timmins District. It is comprised, in whole or in part, of 61 townships and covers approximately 622,000 hectares. The Romeo Malette Forest was established in 1983 upon the signing of Forest Management Agreement #501400.

The forest is licensed to Malette Inc., through a sustainable forest licence. Malette Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tembec Industries Inc. The licence holder's name is in the process of being changed from Malette Inc. to Tembec Industries Inc. Harvesting operations are conducted by contractors working for Tembec Industries Inc.

This forest provides conifer, primarily for the Tembec lumber mill in Timmins, and by-product softwood chips for Tembec's pulp mill in Smooth Rock Falls. Veneer quality poplar is supplied to Norbord of Cochrane. Strandboard-grade poplar is provided to the Grant Forest Products' mill in Timmins.

The unit falls within the Boreal Forest Region, with the supporting tree species typical to the forest type and distribution pattern. Wildfire has played an important role in the development of the current forest age-class structure. The northern half of the forest lies in the claybelt, while the southern half is characterised by rolling hills, esker complexes and outwash sand plains.

The planning area is located to the west and southwest of the City of Timmins. About three percent of the Romeo Malette Forest is patented land. The unit is accessed via Highways #101, #576 and #144. The Flying Post Indian Reserve (uninhabited) is located along the western boundary of the forest, and the Mattagami Indian Reserve is located along its southern boundary.

(excerpted from public notice posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights Electronic registry)

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