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Stage Five
Final Plan Review
Final Plan Inspection completed April 28; operations commenced  April 29, 2004 Guylaine Thauvette 

MNR North Bay District 

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Peter Street, RPF
General Manager

Norm Cottam, RPF
Plan Author
Nipissing Forest Inc. tel 752-5430

Last updated July, 2004

Nipissing Local Citizens' Committee

North Bay District of the Ministry of Natural Resources

Nipissing Forest Resource Management Inc (Local Sustainable Forest License Holder)

Auditing Reports
        Independent Forest Audit of the Nipissing Forest (2001)(pdf)

Description of the Nipissing Forest

North Bay Land Use Planning

Planning Documents - 2004 Forest Management Plan

Nipissing Forest

Forest Description

The Nipissing Forest is located in Northeastern Ontario. Communities within the Nipissing Forest include the City of North Bay, the Municipality of West Nipissing, the Municipality of Powassan, and the villages of Mattawa and Verner. About 75 percent of the land base in this area is Crown land. Private land located within the boundaries of the forest management unit is not subject to MNRís forest management planning process.

The Nipissing Forest lies within the Great Lakes- St. Lawrence Forest Region and supports tree species common to the northern (e.g. pine, spruce, poplar) and southern (e.g. maple, yellow birch and beech) parts of the province.

A number of mills receive wood from this forest, but none depend on Nipissing Forest to supply all of their timber needs. The major wood processing facilities receiving wood include Tembec Forest Products Inc., Goulard Lumber Ltd., Domtar, R. Fryer Forest Products, and Grant Forest Products.

Over the past two decades, the focus of Nipissing forest management operations has expanded from meeting timber production objectives to maintaining forest ecosystems and protecting natural heritage areas. With each subsequent forest management plan, more forest values have been identified and considered for protection. This continual review, assessment and modification of management practices is essential to ensure the sustainability of all forest resources.

The forest management plan is being prepared for the timber resources on Crown land by Nipissing Forest Resources Management Inc. (NFRM), the Sustainable Forest Licensee, in co-operation with North Bay District of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Nipissing Local Citizenís Committee.

(excerpted from public notice posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights Electronic registry)

North Bay Land Use Planning

Land use Policies for North Bay Distrcit

District Land Use Guideline - General Use Areas

Forest Management Planning Documents
2004 - 2024 Forest Management Plan

No Planning Documents are available through this web site to date.
Please check with MNR and / or the Sustainable Forest License Holder for planning documents, or to make an appointment to review planning information, including maps, harvesting and road plans, and public comments to date.

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