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Stage One - Invitation to Participate: Intiviation was issued May 5, 2006 Nikki Wood, R.P.F., Acting Area Forester
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Timmins Local Citizens' Committee

Timmins District of the Ministry of Natural Resources

Abitibi Consolidated (Sustainable Forest Licence Holder)

Description of the Nighthawk Forest

Timmins District Land Use Planning

Planning Documents - 2003 Forest Management Plan

Auditing Reports
        Independent Forest Audit of the Timmins Forest (2003)(pdf)

Independent Audit of the Timmins Management Unit (2003) (pdf)

Forest Description

The Nighthawk Forest, is an amalgamation of the Driftwood Forest, Timmins Forest and the Timmins Management Unit. It is bound on the west by the Gordon Cosens Forest, on the north and west by the Smooth Rock Falls Forest, on the east by the Iroquois Falls Forest and the Timiskaming Forest and on the south and west by the Romeo Malette Forest.

The Nighthawk Forest lies in the northern Clay and the Missinaibi-Cabonga Sections of the Boreal Forest Region. The portion of the forest in the Northern Clay Section is conditioned by widespread surface deposits of water-worked tills and lacustrine materials, and has a nearly level topography. One characteristic of this area is the large expanses of black spruce forest stands that cover the gently rising uplands as well as the flat lowlands. Other species associated with the lowlands are tamarack and cedar. Jack pine dominates many of the drier sites within the forest. Poplar species can be found primarily on finer textured upland lacustrine deposits while white birch is found on a variety of sites with good drainage within the forest.

In February, 2000 Abitibi-Consolidated purchased Donohue Forest Products Inc. and as a result, all three units will now be managed by Abitibi-Consolidated.

Abitibi-Consolidated will be the sole holder of a Sustainable Forest License for the combined forests and will be responsible for meeting or exceeding all of the terms and conditions of the new Sustainable Forest License.

(excerpted from public notice posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights Electronic registry)

Timmins Land Use Planning

Land use Policies for Timmins District

Timmins District District Land Use Guideline (~1983)

Timmins District DLUG Map

Forest Management Planning Documents
2003 - 2023 Forest Management Plan

No Planning Documents are available through this web site to date.
Please check with MNR and / or the Sustainable Forest License Holder for planning documents, or to make an appointment to review planning information, including maps, harvesting and road plans, and public comments to date.

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