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2007 Hearst
Stage Three Information Centre Review of Proposed Operations:
Informamation Centres were held in Hearst, Hornepayne and Constance Lake April 19 and 22. Ccomments on the proposed operations should be provide to the MNR by June 19. 

Review of the draft forest management plan is expected in September 2006.

Joshua Breau, A/Management Forester
MNR Hearst District
613 Front Street, P.O. Box 760
Hearst, Ontario, P0L 1N0
PHONE: (705) 372-2201  FAX: (705) 372-2245 
Brad Ekstrom
Hearst Forest Mgt Inc 
1589 Highway 11 West, 
P.O. Box 746
Hearst, Ontario, P0L 1N0
Tel (705) 362-4464
Fax: (705) 362-7057


Last updated June  2006

Hearst Local Citizens' Committee

Hearst District of the Ministry of Natural Resources

Hearst Forest Management Inc (Local Sustainable Forest License Holder)

Auditing Reports
        Independent Forest Audit of the Hearst Forest (2002)(pdf)

Description of the Hearst Forest

Hearst Land Use Planning

Planning Documents - 2001 Forest Management Plan

Hearst Forest

The planning area for Hearst Forest is located in the Northeast Region of the Ministry of Natural Resources and in the judicial districts of Hearst and Cochrane; it is primarily within the municipal boundaries of Hearst and Mattice. The northern boundary of the planning area is located approximately 100 kilometres from the centre of Hearst. The western boundary, southern boundary and eastern boundary are 120 km, 120 km and 30 km respectively from the centre of Hearst.

The Hearst Forest covers an area of approximately 180,000 hectares. It includes the full range of forest types prevalent in the Boreal Forest Region. Most of the mature forest originated due to fires, and much of the forest is overmature due to fire suppression in recent decades.

The forest is managed under the authority of a sustainable forest licence, which has been issued by MNR to Hearst Forest Management Inc. This company has been established through a partnership between Lecours Lumber Co. Ltd. and Tembec Industries Inc.

(excerpted from public notice posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights Electronic registry)

Hearst Land Use Planning

Hearst Land Use Policies

Hearst District Land Use Guidelines (~1983)

Hearst DLUG Map

Forest Management Planning Documents
2001 - 2021 Forest Management Plan

No Planning Documents are available through this web site to date.
Please check with MNR and / or the Sustainable Forest License Holder for planning documents, or to make an appointment to review planning information, including maps, harvesting and road plans, and public comments to date.

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