Forest Management Planning - the Public Consultation Process

Stage Five - the public is given the opportunity to inspect the plan that has been approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources; the review period is 30 days, and the plan is available for review in the offices of the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Stage Five - Plan Inspection

The Plan inspection is the final stage in the development of a forest management plan and the related public consultation. At this stage, the public is advised that the forest management plan has been completed and approved by the Ministry of Natural Resources, and to provide a formal opportunity for the public to examine the MNR-approved plan.

A summary of the approved forest management plan and a list of any major changes to the draft forest management plan become publicly available. Notice is provided to those who commented on the forest management plan, and a notice is posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR) electronic registry.

The following information and maps is available at a number of locations, such as the local MNR office, following the Notice of Plan Inspection:

A copy of the MNR-approved forest management plan the accompanying supplementary documentation, and the summary of the approved forest management plan will be available for public inspection during normal business hours at the appropriate MNR area or district office, the appropriate MNR regional office and a location in Toronto provided by MNR. Reasonable opportunities for access to the documentation during non-business hours will be provided. Upon final approval of the plan, the approved forest management plan will be available at each of those locations for the duration of the five-year term of the plan.

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