Forest Management Planning - the Public Consultation Process

Stage Four - the draft plan is available for review, along with a list of alterations which the Ministry of Natural Resources is requiring be made to the plan, based on MNR's review; a third information centre may be  held, but more often the plans are made available for review in the offices of the Ministry of Natural Resources and the forest industry

Stage Four - Draft Plan Review

In Stage Four, the public has the opportunity to review and comment on the draft forest management plan and its proposed operations before Ministry of Natural Resources finalizes its own review and provides approval of the plan.

Stage Four begins with the issuing of a Notice of Draft Plan Review, with at least 30 days before the last date for public comments.

Holding a third information centre for the review of the Draft Plan is optional. At minimum, the draft forest management plan, the accompanying supplementary documentation and MNR's preliminary list of required alterations will be available at the local MNR office for review as well as at the MNR regional office and a Toronto office of MNR for at least 30 days.Reasonable opportunities for access to the documentation during non-business hours will be provided.

If the planning author, planning team and local citizens committee decide it is appropriate or necessary, an information centre will also be held.

The following information and maps will be available as part of the Draft Plan Review:

In addition, the most current versions of the background information which was initially provided when the Invitation to Participate was issued will be available, as well as the other relevant documents which were available at that time.

After the completion of the public review of the draft forest management plan, MNR will consider the comments received and produce a final list of required alterations. MNR's final list of required alterations will be available to anyone who requested a change to the draft forest management plan, and to any other person "known to be directly affected by the manner in which a requested change has been addressed".

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