Forest Management Planning - the Public Consultation Process

Stage One - the public is notified that the forest management planning process is beginning; the  public is invited to participate

Stage One - Invitation to Participate

The public consultation process begins with the issuing of an "Invitation to Participate".

The Invitation is issued at the beginning of the forest management planning process, telling the public that planning is beginning for the forest management unit, to let the public know how they can access information that will be used in the planning process, and to invite the public to contribute background information to be used in the planning.

The invitation describes that information is available at this first stage of the planning process, and tells the public how they can access this information. The invitation also invites the public to share their views on the desired benefits of forest management activities. A notice is also prepared for posting on the Environmental Bill of Rights electronic registry.

A separate Invitation to Participate is sent to each native community in or adjacent to the management unit, to advise the native community that forest management planning is commencing for the management unit and to solicit their active participation. This notice also invites the native community to participate in the preparation of the Native Background Information Report and provides the native community with the options of the standard public consultation provisions of the forest management planning process or the Forest Management Native Consultation Program.

The following information and maps are available at the local MNR office when the Invitation to Participate is issued:

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