Northwatch Forest Project to
Support Public Participation in Forest Management Planning

Introduction to the Forest Project
January 2004 (pdf)

Building on a decade of experience in working with local people involved in forest management planning and a 6 month pilot project in 2000, Northwatch has re-launched the Forest Project, aimed at building skills and experience in forest management planning across northeastern Ontario. The project will work with  local citizens committee members and others interested  in forest conservation and forest management planning.

Northwatch's Forest Project is focused on forest management planning in general, but, in particular, on supporting public involvement in the planning process. The Project will work with members of local citizens committees (established to provide advice to district managers in the Ministry of Natural Resources), and with members of the general public who participate in forest management planning, or would like to do so.

The Project's goals are to increase levels of public participation in forest management planning and decisions, to support members of local citizens committees by providing access to  information and expert advice, and to develop a network among forest management planning participants across northeastern Ontario through which planning participants can share experiences with each other. Ultimately, the goal is good forest management. A three person project team will sit in on local citizen committee meetings, help members access information and expert advice related to the planning process, offer local workshops on forest issues and the forest management planning process, and support the development of a network among interested LCC members.

For more information contact the Forest Project Team by calling 1-877-553-0481 or 705 497 0373 or visting the Project web site at, emailing, or contacting Forest Project team members:

Brennain Lloyd, email at
(North Bay, Sudbury and Timiskaming Districts)

Algoma postion currently vacant, contact Northwatch office
(Sault Ste. Marie, Chapleau and Wawa Districts)

Jennifer Simard, email at
(Cochrane, Timmins an Hearst Districts)