Blind River Resource Management AdvisoryCommittee

Local Citizenís Committee (LCC):  Local Citizens Committee
LCC Chair: Rene Fabris, co-chair, Blind River RMAC
Forest Management Planning Area(s): North Shore Forest
Ministry of Natural Resources Contact: Dick Hagman, Area Supervisor
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North Shore Forest Management Unit

Blind River Area Office

Sault Ste. Marie District Office

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Local Citizens Committee


LCC PROFILE: the North Shore's Resource Management Advisory Committee

The Northshore Forest Management Unit, an amalgamation of the former Mississaugi and Lower Spanish River, spans both the Sudbury and Sault MNR districts. It contains over 150 private camps, 70 lodges, 100 fly-in outpost camps, 80 bear management units, and 110 trapping areas. The Sustainable Forest License, held by Northshore Forest Inc. is managed by four shareholders - Domtar, St. Marys Paper Limited, Midway Lumber and Northshore Independent Forestry Inc. There are 31 independent licensees that carry out harvest operations on the unit.

In the Northshore Forest, the Blind River Resource Management Advisory Committee (RMAC) and the Espanola Local Citizens Committee (LCC) work together as a "joint LCC" for purposes of forest management planning. There are 26 members in the combined LCC and they represent a diverse cross-section of the local communities.

Rene Fabris, a member of Blind River  RMAC since 1993, manages H and R Fabris Industries and co-chairs the joint LCC meetings along with Espanola LCC chair Bill Blight.  Fabris expresses high regard for all of the people involved in the forest management process.

In referring to the changes in the RMAC (established in the 1990s as an MNR advisory committee) Fabris noted "At first it was believed they only rubber-stamped things, but it has changed over time. With the SFL (Sustainable Forest Licence) and CFSA (Crown Forest Sustainability Act) it has become an integral part of the planning process."

Fabris has confidence that "people are getting the job done."

 "Our committee is a good sounding board. Members have a very broad range of interests, ... people work very hard to reach consensus, they suggest ideas, and try to make sure everyone is satisfied so it's a win-win situation." Fabris also credits the support provided by the MNR and the industry for being proactive in educating LCC members. "The people we have are very active, very dedicated to representing their group, very keen, discussions are very enlightening, refreshing, they put their views on the table and their ideas."
Local Citizens Committees  (LCCs) also known as Co- Management or Resource Management Advisory Committees operate in almost every forest management unit in Ontario. The role of the 'LCC' includes identifying values and providing the vital communication linkage between the planning team and the community. LCC's may differ in their membership, and have different ways of operating, but it is their ability to represent a variety of interests that will ensure that we can all enjoy the benefits of a sustainable forest.
The Blind River Resource Management Advisory Committee  and the Espanola Local Citizens Committee provide advice to MNR on  management of the North Shore Forest, on the North Shore of Lake Huron.

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