Knowledge Management/Support services (specialists in health care)                                                                     
Knowledge development for organizational development. Providing a range of tools and techniques for ensuring the best knowledge gets to staff who need it when they need it: Intranet development, knowledge championing, resource selection,  communities of practice, etc.

Web page support services
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and related site management support, for small and medium sized businesses. Beyond a Web site to a Web presence!

Clear language documentation services and training programs
Advice, consultancy, purchasing services and documentation, in plain language for people who want others to understand them. Examples: manuals, member handbooks, technical reports, etc...

Library and information centre services
All the services necessary for integrated management of files and documents, in all media, for maximum operational benefit, from filing/indexing systems and catalogues to retention/disposal schedules and security planning.

Research services
From advice and consultancy through to actual publications, all the services 
needed for an effective and efficient library or information centre, from cataloguing and classification to reference and research in print and online information banks.

Information Publication Services
All the services required for transforming raw data into valuable products, including directories, manuals, bibliographies, catalogues, and associated order fulfillment services. Publication media include printed, HTML, and SGML documents.

Publications supplier/Bookseller
Our publications for sale can be found in our New Initiatives in Economics and Finance Catalogue, North America's most comprehensive catalogue of publications in socially and ethically directed investment.

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Last updated: Nov, 2006
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