Our Clients

Since 1988, Libra has completed projects for individuals, groups and organizations, private, public, and co-operative, in a range of industries from engineering, housing and finance to health care and insurance. Projects have ranged from comprehensive design and implementation of new infrastructure and services, to maintenance of existing operations, to short-term advice and consultancy.

Among the organizations we have worked, or are working with, are:

Bridgepoint Health (formerly The Riverdale Hospital), Toronto

Cambridge Memorial Hospital
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver BC
Chemetics International Company
Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto
CU Dividends Magazine
The Donwoods Institute
Grand River Hospital, Kitchener
Greenleaf Publishing
Humber College
Intermediate Technology Publications
McLeod House [Cheshire Home]
Metro Credit Union
Ontario Society for Training & Development
Ontario Worker Co-op Federation
Providence Centre Hospital
Pueblito Canada
Rooftops Canada Foundation
St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish Nova Scotia
St. Joseph's Health Centre, Toronto
Social Investment Organization
Sunnybrook and Women's Health Sciences Centre, Toronto
West Park Health Centre, Toronto


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